The world's first Earth Bed producer with 20 years of developing experience, and an automated production line which makes the quality better. Oxygen creating solid oxygen technique has been combined with Mud Mat Earth Bed. Oxygen Earth Bed made by combination of Patented oxygen creating technique and made with boiled down Sea Algae glue and yellow earth. You can breath oxygen converted from carbon dioxide while sleeping. Mud Mat Earth Bed provides oxygen and heat which is unsuitable for cancer cell.

Established in 1991, MUD MAT is a market leader and professional in bed furniture and electric mattress industry with the largest market share. As a pioneer in the rising industry, Mud Mat constantly seek improvements to our existing systmes with regular upgrades and our ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified production facilities guarantee top quality products. As a profesional manufacurer of earth bed and electric mattress, we strive unceasingly to design and develop innovative products with enhanced features. Customer satisfaction is our goal, as we constantly improve our products and service beyond customer requirements.

MUD MAT BED is the only mat with both the United States and Korea's patent and made out of boiled down Sea Algae, yellow earth, and oriental medicine. Confirmed harmless on Toxic Electromagnetic Wave by FDA of US. has been judged as premium grade(over 90%) by far infrared ray apply institue of Japan and also has been approved by Korean consumer's organization. Mud Mat Earth Bed got an Electronic Product Approval by Agency for Technology and Standards with an 0cm electromagnetic field safety range. Exporting all around the world and selling all over the world with over 150 show rooms and department stores.

  • Human and Soil are Alike
  • Effect of Hot Pine Needles
  • Protection Against Electromagnetic Rays
  • Precious Color of Gold
  • High Performance on Economical Efficiency
  • Convenience on Exchange (Using Your Own Bed)

Speciality of mud mat earth bed

Human and Soil are Alike. The element of human and soil is same. Therefore, the far infrared ray from soil is best for your body over all other far infrared rays.

Effect of Hot Pine Needles. Our ancestors applied hot pine needles for waist pain. Mud Mat Bed is made with mixture of natural pine resin powder and grinded cork so feeling and warm massage effect got better.

Protection Against Electromagnetic Rays Mud Mat Earth Bed is made with heat radiating plate made out of triple electromagnetic ray blocked cable, and has received EMI and HQ by the agency for Technology and Standards. And passed the "world most" strict Sweden's level.

Precious Color of Gold Resin layer on top of Mud Mat Bed has been colored gold by natural paint from flower, which brings our own scent.

High Performance on Economical Efficiency Specially treated cable and condensed ceramic powder makes high performance on economical efficiency because of its high heat transfer rate and high heat keeping rate. (Using Single Mat for 8 hours a day will cost you about US 5 dollars for a month).

Convenience on Exchange (Using Your Own Bed) You can also exchange only the mattress instead of changing the entire bed. It is very convenient to use this product because it is like to have both bed and chair at the same time by putting Mud Mat Bed on your bed.

  • Release Your Tiredness With
  • Meet A Fresh Morning With
  • Keep Your Family Healthy With

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